Search Engine Submission Guidelines
Guide to Search Engine Placement, Promotion, Submitting

Have a lot of content on your website and break it up. Use header tags to make the title subject bold. Keep the site clean of javascript and other objects that may confuse search engines Do not use frames within your web sites stick to tables. Utilize CSS if needed. Hand submit your site to search engines. 

Do not use software to submit to the big guys. The search engine submission software's sites that it submits to are inflated. They could the sites that supposedly submit to others. Hand submit your site first then use the software to submit to the little guys. Know where your website is located on the web.

You will have to wait for results, remember it doesn't happen overnight! Most search engines only re-index their sites once a month, after it has been indexed it may take up to 2 more months for your site to be fully indexed.

Use META tags and descriptions keep them clean yet well descriptive of your website. Do not clutter it up too much - for the title of your page stay away from commas and common stop words like 'and' 'or' 'free' The books @ will truely help you out on your journey to top placement