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Search engines are complicated programs with millions of web sites already online it can be hard to get on the top of the search engines, these books will help you learn how to achieve top search engine placement and what methods to use. Every search engine is different and there are dozens. Google has their own standard on submitting so does AOL and Yahoo, these books can be your guides to search engine placement. Optimize your meta tags and site descriptions, guides to content building and proper HTML formatting and coding. Rules of the webmasters include tips to not spamming and to not get rejected. Prime your site for Yahoo listings, you can pay for submission and still get rejected, learn how to avoid poring your money down the drain.

Search Engine promotion is a must for all webmasters, at least 50% of your traffic should be coming from search engine driven traffic. These books will guide you into top placement and proper search engine optimization rules if thumb. Doesn't matter if you are using a Macintosh, a Windows, or Linux operating system. With the help of these books and the information within you will have total control of your placement on the search engines. Top 10 search engine placement can be hard to achieve without the proper knowledge,  Paying SEO's are often uncalled for, if you are a excellent learner and have a little time to soak in the knowledge from these books you will be on the top. To become a better search engine optimizer you will need to read books, and discussion boards, even the best SEO's read the books and chat amongst other search engine guys and read SEO News.

Communication with other webmasters and search engine masters will educate you, doesn't matter what type of site you are trying to promote. Engines on the Internet all have their own searching strategies and you need to read about them. These books are well priced and have special discounts for you by buying them online.These books are written by the top dogs of search engine placement, they have spent years mastering the systems and know-how of each search engine, there are hundreds out there - your goal is to achieve top placement on the twenty most used search engines.

Locate books and web sites on search engine placement find guides to getting to the top of search engines and attend the webmasters conventions on SEO  Search Engine promotion. Visit discussion boards such as and newsgroups and programs like WebPosition Gold.

Search Engine Submission software titles can both help your positioning and hurt you if misused. Getting to the top doesn't happen overnight. Here are my opinionated ideas on search engine placement. To get you started I want you to know you can't get to the top overnight without content.

Make sure your site has a lot of content - unique text. Do not put too much text on one page, separate the different topics into different pages. That is why we ask you to follow this link to learn more about search engine placement via submission software